Kashmiri Productions UK was set up in Rochdale, Greater Manchester in 2017 and it was officially opened in 2018 by Mayor and Mayoress of Rochdale.
The creation of this not for profit production house is purely to produce and deliver community projects which promote culture, language, history, heritage and provide training to groups or individuals for their personal or employment goals.

AJK Film Festival

The idea behind creation of the festival is to raise the profile of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and introduce beauty of AJK to the world. A professional platform for new and established artists and filmmakers.

Rochdale Maa Boli Festival

This unique project is to promote and celebrate mother tongue (via Spoken word in Pahari, Urdu and Punjabi etc) on the occasion of International Mother Language Day and encourage South Asian talent to present original/existing poetry or short story.

England, Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir

A feature length documentary film shot in England, Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir to promote language, culture and tourism.

Mein Vi Madad Karsaan

A comedy show with Pakistani and Kashmiri stars in aid of victims of Pakistan flood.

The Rochdale South Asian Community Trilogy

A collection of three short films made in Rochdale to highlight issues and stories of mixed age participants from diverse backgrounds.